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Egglescliffe Area Residents Association (EARA) are seeking support from the community, businesses and local schools to donate food and other appropriate items for a local food bank in the Borough of Stockton.

The Salvation Army , based in Stockton-on-Tees, support many people facing tremendous hardship and who struggle to put food on the table for themselves and their families at this festive time of year. When you donate food to the Salvation Army, you are helping to provide one of life’s most basic necessities to those in need, particularly children who suffer the most when household budgets don’t stretch far enough.

EARA will be collecting donations from the local community between 1pm and 5pm on Thursday 28th November 2019. Donations can be dropped off at Egglescliffe Parish Hall, Butts Lane, Egglescliffe, from where they will be delivered to the Salvation Army.

Having previously spoken to the Salvation Army about the types of items they would like donating, it is clear they would like non-perishable foods such tins of meat and fruit, long-life milk, cereals, sauces, canned and dry soups, baking mixes that require only water and spices.

If you are able to support this worthwhile event, please call along to the parish hall where EARA staff will gratefully accept your donation. We undertook a similar event last year and the support we received from residents was tremendous.

We look forward to seeing you.

Egglescliffe Area Residents Association (EARA) are holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 11thNovember 2019, at 7.30pm. The AGM will take place at Egglescliffe Parish Hall, and all are welcome to attend.

EARA has been in existence since July 2012 and, since that time, they have achieved many good things for the community. They plant and maintain the flowers at Egglescliffe War Memorial, hold events at the parish hall to raise funds for charitable organisations, work alongside Egglescliffe and Eaglescliffe Parish Council to support the annual Egglescliffe Fete, and much more.

Some of our members will be standing down from the organisation at this AGM, following years of dedicated community work. We thank them for their commitment over the last seven and a half years and wish them well for the future. 

At this AGM we are seeking new members to become part of a close hardworking group of volunteers, whose aim is to improve the area for residents. We believe there are people in our community who have their own vision for Egglescliffe’s future and who have the drive and determination to deliver on it. Please come along to EARA’s AGM, put yourself forward as a committee member and provide a valuable support to your community.

Shane Sellers (Chair – EARA)